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Anyone still out there?

2013 January 22
Posted by Nevine

I’m probably talking to myself but what the heck, maybe one of the two people who used to follow this blog still checks in once in a while so here goes.

I’m so sorry I completely disappeared off the face of the Earth. You don’t need to hear the big sob story but suffice to say that due to some personal circumstances (so no, no alien abduction invloved) I layed low for a while and neglected my already not-very-active cooking project, which wasn’t such a smart move when you already don’t have more than a couple of followers.

Oh well.

Anyway, I’m not back yet because I’m away from my very missed kitchen but I fully have the very good intentions of coming back to the land of the living very soon God willing.

If you’re one of my couple of really, really loyal followers and are reading this right now; I thank you from the bottom of my heart for still checking my humble blog after it seemed like I’d got lost on Mount Everest/was kidnapped by the cooking blog Mafia/joined the travelling circus.

I’ll hopefully be back soon inshallah:)

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  1. Lasto adri permalink
    January 23, 2013

    Hope you return back safely.. I enjoy your recipes :)

    • Nevine permalink
      January 23, 2013

      Aww, someone still remembers me after all! Thanks a lot for the sweet comment, you made my day:)

  2. Jessyz J permalink
    February 3, 2013

    Happy to see you are back.

    • Nevine permalink
      August 4, 2013

      Thank you Jessy xox

      I actually just checked back in now *embarrassed*

  3. Lujee permalink
    February 27, 2013

    I just found your blog through your brother! :D
    I must say I really like the way you describe the recipes so well, and the pictures are a brilliant addition. Was impressed to know they’re your own.
    Hope you and the kids are alright, and do come back soon! :)

    • Nevine permalink
      August 4, 2013

      Sara, thank you! Sorry it took me so long to reply, I just saw your sweet comment:)

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