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How To: Cut a Watermelon

2012 May 8
Posted by Nevine


Summer in Egypt= Cold Watermelon.

Egyptians (Or at least my family. And Ismail’s family. And my uncle’s family. Also our next door neighbours in Alexandria) have a huge obsession with watermelon. Once the big green balls start appearing at every supermarket, fruit and vegetable stall and donkey drawn cart in the street it’s like Santa has come to town.

I visit my mother and she serves watermelon for (or should I say instead of) dessert. I pop upstairs to see my in-laws and find them gnawing on watermelon chunks. I have lunch at a friend’s house and out come the watermelon slices as soon as we finish eating.

Then we spend the rest of the visit discussing how red/sweet/ripe/under-ripe /tasty/bland the watermelon of the day is. Sometimes we even reminiscence about the previous week’s watermelon and talk about how much better/worse this one is than that one.

By the time September comes around, I can get literally sick if I just hear the word “watermelon”.

Jeez, I’ve been yakking for 5 minutes about how much we tend to yak about watermelons. I need to shut up now.

Ok, long story short. It’s still May. I’m not sick of watermelon yet. I saw this technique on how to cut a whole melon into ready-to-eat cubes over at Our Best Bites and loved it.

And Our Best Bites is my favourite (and first!) cooking blog of all time.

I will definitely be shutting up now.

Copied from Our Best Bites


One juicy watermelon (yup, that’s all you’ll need :) )

Supposedly some people can tell whether a watermelon is ripe just by tapping on it and listening for the hollow sound that means it’s ripe. Ripe melons also have yellow bottoms (I think). Ok, you got me. I never buy watermelons (Reasons? Read my intro again).


Wash it first. Then stick the tip of the knife in its middle and start cutting it into two halves.



Now cut it again into quarters.



Take one quarter.


Slice it vertically along the rind. Like this:


Now carefully just with the tip of the knife, make horizontal cuts like so:



Repeat this on the other side.


Here comes the fun part. Slice so as to separate the flesh from the rind.



You’ll get cute little cubes that look like this:


There you go, a plateful of perfectly cubed watermelon.

Note to Ismail: Yes, I removed the seeds from my own watermelon cubes, but that does not mean that I will do the same to the other one hundred and twenty six watermelon cubes in the fridge.


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  1. Pam permalink
    May 14, 2012

    Now I am craving watermelon.

    • Nevine permalink
      May 15, 2012

      After I made this post I didn’t eat anything else for a week. Now I’m not in a very watermelony mood anymore:))

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